Physical Examination: While there may be some current debate over the value of a routine physical exam in human medicine, we are certain of the value of the physical exam in veterinary medicine.

There are three significant reasons why pets need routine physical examinations to maintain health:

  1. Animals do not typically show signs of early disease. Pets generally start to act sick when the disease has progressed significantly. Therefore, the opportunity for early intervention can be missed, and treatment options and prognosis may be diminished.
  2. Dogs and Cats age five to seven times more rapidly than humans, therefore disease onset and progression is much more rapid. This makes early diagnosis and intervention essential for a more favorable outcome.
  3. Establishing what is a normal baseline is for your pet is important since there is significant variation in what is considered normal between different breeds as well as between individual pets. Without this baseline, early subtle changes in your pet's health can be missed.