Skin Allergy Vaccine

The Dermatology team at RegionalVet can help to determine the most effective course of action to bring relief to your pet. Did you know that a vaccine can be formulated specifically for your pet based on the results of skin tests? The vaccine can usually be prepared within 2 weeks, and our healthcare team will teach you how and when to administer it.

Prepare for your Dermatology Appointment

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Unless your doctor advises you otherwise, do not bathe your pet for 3 days prior to your appointment, and do not clean your pet's ears for 24 hours prior. (Medicated ear drops may be continued as prescribed however, if applicable.)

Certain medications may interfere with skin testing and need to be considered prior to your appointment. These include steroids, (oral, topical and injectable), antihistamines, fatty acids and tranquilizers (such as acepromazine). Please review the timetable below and consult with your doctor for specific instructions on how or when to discontinue such medications.

Medications that may be continued as prescribed or directed include antibiotics, antifungals, thyroid supplementation, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, non-steroid containing ear products, shampoos or other topical products, heartworm prevention, and flea control products.

As some skin testing may require sedation, please do not feed your pet after midnight, the night prior to your appointment, unless your pet is diabetic. Most pets do not require an overnight stay for such testing and are usually able to go home the same day.

If possible, please bring all labels of pet food and medications/supplements that your pet is currently taking. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment to provide us with the important medical history our doctors will need to consider. Or, if your pet has another primary veterinarian, please be sure to have his or her records faxed over to us ahead of time.

Due to the nature of skin conditions, please be prepared that certain tests (such as cytology, skin scrapings, culture or blood work) may be required at multiple visits to obtain an accurate assessment of your pet.

Timetable for medications to be discontinued prior to skin testing:

  • Antihistamines: 14 days before skin testing
  • Fatty acids: 14 days before skin testing
  • Tranquilizer medications (acepromazine): 14 days before skin testing
  • Topical steroids: 14 days before skin testing
  • Oral steroids: 30 days before skin testing
  • Injectable steroids: 45 days before skin testing
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