Post-Operative Cold Compression Content

When it comes to our patients, simply put, no method of pain management is good enough unless your pet is truly as comfortable as her or she can be, especially in the crucial post-operative recovery period. That's why the Healthcare Team at RegionalVet incorporates the use of leading edge Cold Compression Therapy as a standard component of post-operative patient care.

What’s Cold Compression Therapy?

You may be familiar with the idea that "icing" an injury helps to manage pain and swelling. However, recent innovations in human and animal medicine have revolutionized this age-old remedy using a new product called GameReady™. This application utilizes NASA spacesuit technology to deliver intermittent compression and adjustable cold therapy in one system. Scientific research proves that this type of combination therapy has significant advantages over traditional bandaging alone. As a result, RegionalVet surgical and trauma patients experience less pain and swelling and increased range of motion in just 24 hours, post-operatively. It's just one more way that we can ensure your pet’s best health and fastest recovery, as he or she deserves no less.