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Dental Hygiene

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RegionalVet is pleased to offer low impact and low stress Outpatient Dental Services for your best friend.

Dental Facts:

  • Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats.
  • 80% of all dogs and cats have dental disease by the age of two.
  • Advanced dental disease can cause heart, liver, kidney and prostate disease.
  • Dental disease left unchecked can lead to tooth root infections.
  • Dental disease is painful and affects your pet's quality of life.
  • Dental Disease is both treatable and preventable!

RegionalVet has a solution that is easy on your pet and your budget. Our outpatient Dental Hygiene Service is an innovative option in preventative oral healthcare.

While serious dental conditions require ultrasonic scaling under general anesthesia, low grade tarter and mild gingivitis may only need a gentle cleaning. Performed by our skilled veterinary dental hygienist using a low impact technique and mild sedation, our routine dental prophylaxis reveals a clean and healthy mouth, keeping harmful dental disease at bay. Best of all, this is a short outpatient procedure. If you'd like, you can be present for the Dental Hygiene Service and take your best friend home after the procedure

Ask a nurse if our Dental Hygiene Service can help your pet maintain a healthy smile